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For nearly thirty years, MOAB has been introducing innovative materials, such as concrete, cement mortars, metals, re-used woods, wired glass and fiberglass with visible fibers to the world of bathrooms, while keeping style and identity firm.

Constant aesthetic and material research, combined with an industrial culture and skilled craftsmanship, have enabled MOAB to offer, an “Integrated Furniture System” composed of Collections and Individual Products, which allow the creation of different, unique and personalized bathroom environments.

Industrial organization and craftsmanship allow the company to create quality products that can meet the most complex design requirements.

This dual dimension, thus allows to be able to operate effectively, both on the Retails Channel and on the one related to the “World of the Project” (Architects, Interior Designers, Developers and General Contractors), through the supply of products (Catalogue and Bespoke products) and services (support in the executive design phase of ad hoc products for residential, hotel and executive initiatives).

Registered office
Corso d'Italia 19
00198 Roma (RM)

Operational headquarters
Via Lago dei Tartari 20
00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM)

MOAB80 houselab S.r.l.
REA RM 1596595
P.I.V.A. 02268830565

T +39 0774 374222
F +39 0774 374190