A unique proposal in the overview of industrial proposals, Moab Prefinished are furnishing elements on whose surface a cement mortar or lime effect is applied, as if it was a leather. The project includes a wide range of elements starting from the custom-made washbasin tops of the Block2 line, coordinated with furniture, floors and coverings.

The result is an exceptional integrated system that allows the creation of rarefied and refined atmospheres capable of enhancing other complementary furnishing elements and giving great freedom in the combination of materials and colors.


The Prefinito Cemento is a cement and resin mortar with a neutral and defined appearance. It is the result of an innovative technique and is presented as a spatula material with a narrow texture and a natural surface, soft and “lunar” in the reflections.
It is important to know that the supports are industrial, but the application, using the spatula technique, is manual: weaving may therefore vary slightly. This makes possible getting a highly attractive product due to its contemporary characteristics and distinction from industrial products that attempt to imitate its aesthetic appeal.


The Prefinito Calce, coherent in proposals research referring to the unconventional aesthetic area, appears with a compact finish and medium granulometry.
Particularly suitable for informal and refined environments, the Prefinito Calce reproduces the rough finish of bare and raw plaster.


Coatings in Prefinito Cemento and Calce are made on an industrial support, available in large-size custom-made slabs, a feature that increases their value since it is a rarity (max 100×220 cm).

Their installation follows the same procedure as for other types of coatings, that is the use of sheaths and adhesives. Reading of the assembly instructions is recommended for the acquisition of the useful specifications for a correct installation.