Inspirations collects a selection of projects created by some architectural firms that have chosen and interpreted the proposals of MOAB80. Consistently with contemporary aesthetic developments, the focal point of the MOAB80 research is represented by the projects expressing some areas of taste in living. For more than twenty-five years, the MOAB80 proposals – closely linked to the culture of the project – with consistency and thanks to the contribution of design, allow to offer solutions and stylistic declinations aimed at grasping diversification, characteristic of complex modernity.

Townhouse IV


Projet: Norm Architects
Photography: Jonas Bjerre – Poulsen

Fascinating renovation project located in the center of Copenhagen, in a neighborhood of the late 1800s originally dedicated to workers’ lodgings. A terraced house distributed on four levels which from the outside resembles a traditional doll’s house, but which reveals a contemporary project inside thanks to the creation of a minimal open space.

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GP House

Serra de’ Conti

Project: Matteo Alvatroni
Photography: Matteo Alvatroni, Alessandro Magi Galluzzi

An ancient city gate, in Serra de’ Conti, hides an amazing private residence, born from an innovative renovation project in the spirit of dialogue between past and present. The materiality of the surfaces and the attention to the use of light recall the charm of tradition, despite being in a space strongly characterized by a contemporary design.

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Casa A


Project: Mauro Agosti
Photography: Alberto Petrò

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Villa T

Lago di Como

Project: Studio Arkham Project, Marco Longatti, Luca Ambrosini, con Tomas Caloprisco
Photography: Marcello Mariana


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Lamia del Riccio


Project: Gian Paolo Guerra
Photography: Vincenzo Tambasco

Renovation project and expansion of an ancient stone lamia with an attached Saracen trullo. A suggestive location, immersed in the centuries-old olive trees of the Apulian countryside, has become a charming residence thanks to the careful planning and restoration of the existing spaces and the garden.

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Villa S


Project: Studio Giammetta e Giammetta
Photography: Luigi Filetici


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Casa X


Project: AUT Studio, Franco Puledda
Photography: AUT Studio


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