25 years of design

Since 1994, with the innovative “Plano” furnishing proposal, MOAB80 places Design’s contribution in the center of business project, which has got a strategic importance for the company development company, affecting its image, brand and its capability to propose innovative solutions. The design integration into the corporate strategy has represented and still represents a driving force of growth and interpretation of complex modernity.

MOAB80 has been exploring areas of taste for over twenty-five years, keeping style and identity. The challenge is aimed at interpreting codes of change that can also mean bringing to light aesthetic visions that have not yet emerged, giving their own interpretation of innovation that cannot be ignored.

The stylistic code is simplicity, understood as a sophisticated process of selection of forms and substance. The macro areas are the formal and informal ones which can be translated into both products and infinite systems. For expressive and innovative strength, of particular importance was the introduction of an icon of informal style: concrete. Of great potential, innovative strength and poor appearance, concrete has gained a place of honor in interior design and acquired a highly aesthetic added value. It has in itself a cultural content that has made it a precious stone selecting several admirers because it expresses and represents luxury in the form of understatement. Expertly manipulated for interior purposes, it is capable of creating unified and refined environments.

In this spirit, in 2001, MOAB80 studies and proposes concrete products capable of interpreting these concepts in a semi-industrial way, giving the opportunity to those who love unconventional aesthetics to create an ideal environment with ease.

A tangible expression of this research are the ELLE washbasins, ADI Index 2002 (with upgrade of in 2013), made of concrete-based compounds and the “Prefiniti” range for wall and floor coverings.

The Prefinished (introduced in 2004), a unique proposal in the panorama of the industrial offer, are furnishings whose surface is applied, as if it were a leather, a cement mortar or with a lime effect, with a neutral and defined appearance. It is the result of an innovative technique and is presented as a spatulated material with a narrow texture and a natural surface. The project includes a wide range of elements starting from custom-made washbasins coordinated with furniture, floors and walls. The supports are industrial, but the application is manual: this allows us to obtain a highly attractive product due to its contemporary characteristics and different from industrial products trying to imitate its aesthetic appeal.

Industrial Line introduces the neo-industrial bathroom furnishing style, by choosing the materials of choice such as the metal sheet for the ILA washbasins (ADI Index 2010), the re-used wood for the tops (construction boards), pierced metal sheets of completion and band accessories (Strip), coordinated with the washbasins.

The use of metals is subsequently expanded with Zero20, furniture with primary geometries and formal lightness, made of burnished steel, brass, copper and zinc, associated with industrial glass, cement, lime and recycled woods.

In 2018, fiberglass becomes a subject of exploration for the construction of bath tubs. The soft, irregular shape and imperfect appearance of the Vvr bath tub are inspired by the Elletre washbasin. MOAB80 interprets fiberglass by bringing out the glass fibers that are visible, contrary to what happens in other application areas, trying to give value to the soul of the product, with all its imperfection.